Saturday, July 28, 2007

? No. 18: Lucky World Series winner?

Today's question comes via Baseball Musings. Only one team since the inception of the modern World Series in 1903 won the world championship despite being outscored during the regular season. Was it the ...

A) 1985 Royals
B) 1987 Twins
C) 2003 Marlins
D) 2006 Cardinals

Yesterday's Answer: Jim Kaat. Oddly enough, the day his streak ended, he struck out two batters in one inning.


Listmaker said...

87 twins. when les straker is your number 3 starter and bert blyleven is giving up 50 bombs, and you only win 85 regular season games, you give up a lot of runs.

the guru said...

'03 Marlins