Tuesday, July 24, 2007

? No. 15: Three-bagging 30 year-olds

Do you know who holds the record for most triples in a career? I was surprised to see the answer: Wahoo Sam Crawford, who played from 1899 to 1917 for the Reds and Tigers, collected 309 three-baggers. I already knew that during the "dead ball" era players hit a lot more triples, in part due to the distance from home plate to the fences and in part due to other irregularities in the shape and seating of ballparks. But I expected the answer to be Ty Cobb, simply because of the number of hits the man collected. Cobb is actually second, with 295.

If we look at the post-dead ball era — and for the purposes of this conversation we'll define that as post 1919 (as Ruth hit 54 homers in 1920) — Kiki Cuyler has the record for most triples hit in a season with 26 (1925). My question is this: What is the highest tally of triples hit in a single season over the past 25 years, dating back to 1981, by a player 30 years or older? (Bonus if you can guess who holds that record.)

A) 18
B) 21
C) 24

Yesterday's Answer: You can argue that Jose actually has another brother, his "Bash Brother," Mark McGwire. The answer is Ozzie and Jose Canseco, of course.


tim said...

Willie Wilson?

tim said...

Sorry, forgot to pick an answer: C