Monday, July 23, 2007

? No. 14: Baseball brothers

The Yankees just called up Shelley Duncan, son of Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan and brother of Cardinals left fielder Chris Duncan. Shelley hit his first major league dinger the other day, and got me thinking about other baseball brothers. There's the DiMaggio brothers — Joe, Dom, and the oft-forgotten Vince. The Alomar brothers, Sandy and Roberto. The Benes brothers, Andy and Alan. Livan and El Duque. Pedro and Ramon. The Three Alous. The Catching Molina Brothers. The Drews — Tim, Stephen, and J.D. The Forschs, the Bretts, the Torres, the Giambis, the Madduxes, the Perrys, the Deans, the Ripkens, the Mays, and the Niekros. And of course, who can forget Pascual, Carlos, and Melido Perez?

Name the following pair of twin brothers. One was a 15th round draft pick, and came up in 1985. He appeared in 4 of 5 All-Star games between 1986-90. The other was a 2nd round draft pick of the Yankees, but didn't debut in the big show until 1990 (with another team). He only stuck around for 65 major-league at-bats over three brief call-ups, ending with the Cardinals in 1993. Who are we?

Yesterday's Answer: The five franchises to have never had the honor of an MVP winner are Arizona, Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos, and (drumroll) the New York Mets. That last one surprised me. The Mets have been around a long time, had some great teams, and a handful of great hitters (Strawberry and a pair of exceptional hitting catchers, Gary Carter and Mike Piazza, come to mind). Anyway, I'll go on the record now and say I bet Jose Reyes gets them their first MVP.

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