Monday, July 30, 2007

? No. 19: Minor League bombs

Since we're just passing time until Barry breaks the Hammer's home-run record, here's a question loosely based around Bonds. Of the active major leaguers to have tallied 499 or more home runs — Bonds, Sosa, Griffey, Thomas, and Rodriguez — who has hit the most home runs in the minor leagues? (Again, no peeking or googling, just make an educated guess.)

Yesterday's Answer: Listmaker guessed correctly again. The '87 Twins were the only World Series winner to yield more runs over the regular season than it scored. The Twinkies allowed 806 and scored 786, which came as a surprise to me since they had a slugging lineup including Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti, Kirby Puckett, and Tom Brunansky. Yes, they had Les Straker as a No. 3 starter. But the team also boasted Frank Viola and Bert Blyleven — not a bad one-two punch — and a pair of 42-year-olds named Joe Niekro and Steve Carlton. And Jeff Reardon as a closer. Lots of impressive pitchers on that list, but most had off-years during the regular season.


John said...

I would guess Sosa, he surely played the most games in the minors. Thomas and Bonds were barely in the minors a year or so. Griffey was a starter in the bigs at 19, so probably only had a year in the minors. I don't remember exactly how old AROD was, but he certainly didn't spend long on the farm.

Don Gerard said...

Crash Davis?

...if it is Sosa he could've had even more had he chosen to go rehab in Iowa instead of corking his bat. Yeesh.

bunting4hits said...

Gotta love a Cubs fan with a sense of humor.

tim said...

Sosa for sure.