Thursday, July 5, 2007

? No. 2: Ballpark firsts

Concrete donuts have long been bemoaned by baseball fans, and by my count we'll soon have none left to gripe about, as the last of the circular cookie-cutter stadiums — or giant ashtrays — are due to be replaced following this season. Both RFK Stadium and Shea Stadium (which most consider to be part of this group as it shares many similarities, including being a multi-purpose stadium) will join Atlanta-Fulton County, Riverfront, Busch, Three Rivers, and Veterans in the history books as demolished artifacts of the artificial turf era. (For purposes of this question, we'll exclude the domed stadiums, like the Metrodome, the Astrodome, and the Kingdome.)

My question is, which of the above mentioned donuts was the first to host a baseball game? Here's a clue: The first baseball game at the stadium in question got off to a poor start for the home team, as their first three batters each struck out. The home team eventually righted itself, however, and went on to win 4-1. The lone run scored by the visitors was driven in by nine-time Gold Glove outfielder Al Kaline.

No Googling allowed. You should be able to deduce this one without much help. Post your answer in the comments.

Yesterday's answer:
(A) The umpires decided that since no player had ever stole first base before — at least to their knowledge — and there was no rule covering this unique play, that Schaefer should remain at first base and be credited with a stolen base after going from second back to first. After the dispute was settled, on the very next pitch, Schaefer broke for second again. This time the White Sox catcher threw to second, and Milan broke for home from third. Schaefer was safe at second, and Milan scored the game-winning run with a steal of home. Schaefer was credited with three stolen bases.

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Anonymous said...

The Kaline clue gave it away. RFK.