Wednesday, July 4, 2007

? No. 1: Stealing first

Washington Nationals versus Chicago White Sox — July, 1911

With the score tied in the bottom of the ninth, runners on first and third, and Washington at bat, "Flaky" Herman Schaefer decided to force the action. He broke for second hoping that the catcher would throw to second base, which would allow Clyde Milan, the runner on third, to steal home in a delayed steal. But the Sox catcher didn't bother with a throw to 2nd, allowing Schaefer to take the base. But Schaefer wasn't through being the aggressor. With runners on second and third now, Schaefer pushed the action yet again on the next pitch by trying to draw the catcher's throw yet again as he sprinted back toward first base. But the strategy failed again, as the catcher declined to throw to first.

So, what call did the umpire make?

A) Schaefer was credited with stealing first
B) Schaefer stayed at first; no stolen base was credited
C) The umpire scratched his head while thinking to himself, "I don't want that guy on my team"

Without googling the answer, post your guess in the comments section. The answer will be revealed in tomorrow's post.

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Tandy said...

I would say that the runner "negated" his steal of 2nd by going back to first, even though on a later pitch. Therefore, I'd say no stolen base was credited.