Monday, August 13, 2007

? No. 28: Name that player on unemployment

Only two players pop up on the following Top 10 lists for career numbers: intentional walks, sacrifice flies, RBIs, total bases, and ground into double plays. One is Hank Aaron. Who is the other? A couple clues: This player never hit more than 33 homers in a season, and he was recently fired.

Yesterday's Answer: Ankiel hit two home runs on Saturday, and in doing so equaled the total number of homers he had hit as a pitcher. He's got 3 now as a MLB position player versus 2 as a pitcher.

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Jason said...

has to be somebody with a long, steady, good but undistinguished career - a poor man's aaron. i bet it was someone we grew up watching, since you say he was recently fired and this was probably as a coach. dave winfield, eddie murray, and dale murphy come to mind. i think murphy had a higher peak and shorter career i.e. more HRs in a season, fewer career numbers. winfield certainly ground into a ton of double plays, but he wasn't quite as exceptional overall, so i'll guess murray.